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fire. >> i'm lindsey mastis. a homeless man, living here under the bridge. saying they woke up and they were on fire. no one is quite sure what happened to dave mould while he slept under the chattum bridge. >> he woke up, he was on fire. >> reporter: the 52-year-old man stumbled out onto the street. walking at least a block before someone sat to help. >> he had 30-second degree burns up his body. >> reporter: moulded told him someone set him on fire. >> they could not get us any faster than any circumstances for them surrounding the incident. >> reporter: he is known to smoke and drink. investigators wonder whether the cigarette calls the fire. >> i'm alex trevino on antique row, where a pair of robbers have had that turned when they try to rob the jewelry store. >> montgomery county police say that two black men walked into the jeweler and the boutique
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and displayed that gun. >> i just saw them a little while ago. they had to carry them out and to put them in that vehicle. and they are setting up the position for them. they seem like they were doing okay. >> they tell us about that caliber pistol, believed it belong to the shopkeeper is missing. the two man in that possible getaway dancer is expected to be armed or still on the loose. >> they just located blood in the streets back on st. paul. and a witness over in the neighborhood. observing them with blood in their area to get into that count. >> this is bruce johnson. think about it. you board a metro train, you take your seat. and within minutes after taking off, the train separates into two trains. one with an operator, the other without an operator. >> it is a scary thought.
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you know, something that you don't think about. >> reporter: they call it an undesirable uncoupling. according to our sources, it happened last night, right here on track 2. the orange line. and the train was pulling out of the station headed towards landover when all of a sudden without warning, the train step rated. with passengers on board. we talked to the phone with one of the passengers on board the train when it separated. >> i look back and you can see the train with four cars behind us. and it just stopped. and we stopped. >> reporter: our sources say that at liverpool, the emergency brakes kicked in after the separation and they stopped at both parts of the train. 30 minutes later, the cars were pulled from the track and they were taken to the new bridge for an instruction. time now for the check of the evening rush hour. what about those hot spots? >> we checked that right now, derek, to see how they are looking and it is looking good on most places. 66, the only route right now that we're seeing below speed traffic as you can see, close to 20 minutes here to get from
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495 to .71. no incidents out there. let's go to the beltway now in virginia from 395, all the way out to tyson's right now. no major issues to report on that route, looking good. and the same story on 270 as you check out the live shot right now from over to clarksburg. everyone moving at speed, derek? back to you. >> thank you. topper is here now with the 9news forecast. not a bad day. >> not too bad. a little windy and chilly. a lot of sun right now. and here is your forecast first now. we're looking at skies returning partly cloudy. we'll be breezy and cold. and i think that the winds, they will save this tonight. winds are northwesterly at about 10 to 15. and sot winds were calm. that will be a different story. with that said, i think the weather service is playing it kind of safe and issuing that a frost advisory for montgomery county, frederick county, howard county north. on the virginia side from north and west. and the freezing warnings, they are up near that divide. but i think really, around montgomery county, even
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frederick county, i think that we'll be okay because of nose northwest winds. temperatures right now, in the upper 50s in many spots. 58 downtown. 56 up towards gaithersburg and 57 in frederick. so if you are headed out, look at oakland. they are 43. if you're headed out, do grab a light just about. we'll come back and talk about the march weather form. but june weather, just around the corner. >> thank you, topper. and the federal officials are questioning an american citizen who claims to have stolen the explosives in his luggage during the scheduled fight from paris to atlanta. the federal marshals got involved and the plane was diverted to where it landed safely. and no word yet whether there are explosives on that team. >> for now, they have announced their headquarters to northern virginia. the mystery continues. they said today, they chose that union because of the tax incentives. for the customers and the economics.
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they are deciding between two locations. one is a building under the construction on the road in boston and arlington county.

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